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friday faves

June 29, 2012

Maker’s Mark with purple & gold wax :: Baggu
Homemade Pantry cookbook :: Built NY wine tote 

I’m already thinking about football season, and as my sister says, nothing smells like a tailgate like whisky does.  The purple and gold wax are great additions to the Maker’s bottle!

I’ve gotten pretty good at the habit of using recyclable bags at the grocery store but I often forget to pull them out of my car when I go into somewhere like Target or J. Crew.  That’s why I like to keep one of these Baggu bags folded up in my purse.

I’ve never been one for processed foods but lately I’ve gotten lazy and been buying things I could be making.  I don’t have this cookbook but I want to get it because it is full of ideas of things that you can make at home, like spice mixes, ketchup, yogurt, and spelt crackers!

My friends Allison, Brooke, Chrissie and I always talk about how uncomfortable we are going to someone’s house without a hostess gift (something about being born in a confederate state).  Wine is so easy because you can pick it up on the way, but it just doesn’t feel special when it is a plain bottle.  I like putting the bottle in these Built NY totes and putting a ribbon through the handle.  Its fun because it is really two gifts in one as your host can use the tote over and over again.  (tip: I buy a few at a time on and keep them in my gift closet)

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  1. Simone Nugent permalink
    July 2, 2012 2:37 pm

    I love the Friday faves. You should start blogging some Chritmas gift ideas. You probably have finished your shopping so help me get started. You always have the best ideas. Hope Harris is doing ok. Love
    Aunt Monie

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