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turkey and ginger potstickers

June 9, 2012

My friend Lacey and I took a Chinese cooking class with Dorothy Huang a few years ago at Central Market.  I always thought making Asian dishes was so hard so I never attempted them at home.  This class totally changed my mind!  To this day, it is my favorite class I have taken there, and this is my favorite recipe from the class.

I like these potstickers because they are easy, healthy, inexpensive, and the recipe makes so many that you can freeze a bunch for later.  Also, other than the potsticker wrappers, I usually have all of these ingredients in my fridge, freezer, and pantry.  Here’s what you’ll need to make them:

Since you’re making 60 potstickers, it can be a time-consuming task.  Grab a friend to help and chat and you’ll be done in no time.  If the final appearance isn’t that important to you, I think this would be a fun recipe to make with kids!

This recipe makes 60 potstickers, so unless I am serving them to a group, I usually freeze a bunch and pull them out when we need an easy dinner.

Once you’ve pulled them out of the freezer, let them sit on the counter for about 20 minutes to defrost.  Then cook them as you would if they were freshly made.  Easy!

Turkey and Ginger Potstickers

1 lb. ground turkey
1 pkg. (10-ounce) frozen chopped spinach, thawed and drained
1/8 tsp. pepper
2 tbsp. cornstarch
2 tbsp. soy sauce
1 tbsp. sesame oil
2 tbsp. chopped green onions
1/2 tbsp. minced ginger
1 pkg. dumpling wrappers, thawed (usually contains 60 wrappers)
2 tbsp. vegetable oil
1  1/2 c. chicken broth

Dipping Sauce
1 tbsp. shredded ginger
1 tsp. chili garlic sauce
2 tbsp. soy sauce
1/4 c. white vinegar
1/2 tsp. sesame oil

In a large bowl, combine pork, spinach and 6 seasoning ingredients.  Mix well.

Put 1 tablespoon filling in the center of the wrapper.  Wet edges with water all around. Fold it into a crescent shape by pleating the outer edge of the dumpling.  Press the edges together firmly.

Add 1 tablespoon oil in a 12-inch non-stick skillet over medium heat. Arrange half of dumplings in the skillet.  Turn heat to high. Cook uncovered for 1 to 2 minutes or until brown on the bottom.

Add 3/4 cup chicken broth.  Reduce heat to medium. Cover tightly and cook for 5 minutes or until all the liquid is absorbed.  Transfer dumplings, brown side up, to a plate.

Repeat with the other half of dumplings.  Serve with dipping sauce.

Time: 90 minutes
Serves: 10
WW+: 6 points per serving (6 potstickers)

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