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tuesday things, vol. 15

October 29, 2013

instagrammy favorite instagrams this week

A few things I’m thinking about, reading, or loving right now:

  • This invention might save a few marriages…. or at least make road trips more bearable.
  • Do you know how popcorn came to be the snack of choice at movie theatres?
  • Real life Mowgli: a couple of African wildlife photographers raised their daughter in the bush for the first ten years of her life, and this photo essay is beautiful.
  • My lovely sorority sister Erin started a food blog and she has great recipes as well as weekly menu plans.  Check it out!
  • The results of this study are so sad.  What a terrible catch-22: those who grow up poor may have impaired brain function, leading to an inability to escape poverty, and the cycle continues with their kids.
  • How cool is this adult scratch-and-sniff book about wine?
  • This dish looks like perfect winter comfort food.  I can’t wait to make it!  Cold air, come back to Houston!
  • I bought 450 pieces of Halloween candy yesterday and I have not eaten one single piece yet.  Self-control for the win!  But its really only a matter of time before I make these.  Probably tomorrow.


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