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tuesday things, vol. 7

September 3, 2013

instagrammy favorite instagrams this week

A few things I’m thinking about, reading, or loving right now:

  • Do you know how to make the perfect cup of coffee?
  • Interesting read about the average length of a night’s sleep around the world.  I’m like the Japanese but I wish I was more like the Chinese.
  • Does this really work?  Am I killing myself for an hour at the gym when I could be doing the same thing in 7 minutes?
  • I love ice cold beer, but I think this is sort of weird… (h/t Whitney)
  • Two weeks into the semester and it has begun.
  • I have chills.
  • We had this for dinner on Sunday night and it was awesome.   So easy to throw together – I think it will become a weeknight staple.  Next time I will add a few vegetables — I’m thinking carrots and bell peppers.
  • A funny website for random facts.  Did you know ketchup was invented by Chinese sailors?
  • This looks like the perfect autumn bag for work / school.   Lovely.


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