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tuesday things, vol. 4

August 13, 2013

instagrammy favorite instagrams this week

A few things I’m thinking about, reading, or loving right now:

  • I started working out with a trainer last week.  I hurt, hurt, hurt.  But at least I have scientific proof that I can reward myself with a beer after those 9 am workouts.
  • There’s a few people I know that I would like to buy this shirt for.  Seriously, y’all.  Just wear a watch.
  • Have any of you ever tried Miracle Berries?  Eating one turns everything you eat after it sweet, no matter how sour the food. I have always wanted to but haven’t known where to find them.  Now it looks like I can have my own tree full of them.
  • These maps are so interesting!
  • I’m all about #1 and #14 on this list.
  • Looks like I need to plan a few trips based on this list.  Mmmm.
  • And finally, have you all seen Meg Jay’s TED talk Why 30 is not the new 20?  I’m pretty Type A (I know that everyone who knows me is nodding their heads right now) and I’m not advocating that my generation blow off planning and investing in our futures.  But here I am, 29 years old, about to start my second graduate degree and hoping to completely change careers.  And I don’t regret at all that I spent 7 years of my 20s in a field I may never revisit.  I met amazing people, got to experience the unexpected and unplanned, and learned a hell of a lot.


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