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tuesday things, vol. 1

July 23, 2013


my favorite instagrams this week

A few things I’m thinking about, reading, or loving right now:

  • I’ve been practicing mindfulness lately. I can’t overstate how its affected my outlook and how I process emotions. Andy Puddicome shares how important it is to be fully in the present moment in this TED talk.
  • One look at these popovers and I’m toast. They’re all I can think about.
  • I am thinking about ordering these genius little tiles. I kind of want to stick them on my dogs’ collars since they’re always trying to escape when the front door is open.
  • Matty and Suzy, good people who we are lucky to call our friends, are featured in this inspiring NY Times article. Kudos!
  • I love Iznik ceramics. Some of my favorite patterns are here, here, here, and here. They have me daydreaming about starting a new plate collection.
  • “Sooner or later, we all discover that kindness is the only strength there is.” – Fr. Greg Boyle, Tattoos on the Heart
  • The Last Bison, Hey Marseilles, and Saints of Valory and are all on repeat this week. Take a listen.
  • This is my favorite news of the week.
  • Feeling like this a lot lately. (“No.”)
  • “Sometimes the most faithful prayers are the questions we bring to God.” – Enuma Okoro, Reluctant Pilgrim
  • And we end on this note…. THIRTY-NINE DAYS!!!


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  1. Linda Jane Thompson permalink
    July 23, 2013 3:21 pm

    Katie I absolutely love your ideas, stories, and recipes. Please keep them coming.

    Sent from my iPhone

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